The Adorable Scoreboard
The Adorable Scoreboard The Adorable Scoreboard The Adorable Scoreboard The Adorable Scoreboard The Adorable Scoreboard

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The Adorable Scoreboard

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  • The perfect accessory for all of your papercraft needs
  • Includes incredible features such as imperial and metric measurements, increments as small as 1/8" and 0.5cm, indents on the top edge for full page scoring and much more
  • In-built box-making technology
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We dreamt of creating a scoreboard to match the unbeaten quality of our market leading Adorable Scorable cardstock, and after a great deal of research to ensure the perfect scoreboard for crafters, the Adorable Scoreboard is now a reality!

The board is double-sided with both imperial and metric measurements so you can work with cm or inches, and it contains increments as small as 1/8” and 0.5cm. There are indents on the top edge to ensure full page scoring and the board is centre point marked, meaning you can easily determine the centre point of any piece of cardstock.

There is in-built box making technology included, which has made it easier than ever to create beautiful boxes. This works because the indent on the right hand side of the board is ever so slightly smaller than on the left, so if you make the lid from the left and the base from the right, they are then perfectly sized for each other!

In addition to the great features, the board has an attractive purple design and carry handle for easy transportation. The scoring tool is ergonomic, with a wider top edge so that scoring doesn’t create a ridge on your finger. It feels so comfortable in your hand, yet is a substantial tool that will not bend when used. It even clips into your scoreboard, to keep it safe and close by. 

Scoreboard size: 15.5" x 17"

Scores up to 12"

1 x Adorable Scoreboard with Scoring Tool

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