Floral Elegance Craft Creations

 Floral Elegance Craft Creations
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Another addition to our Fabulous Finishes brand, Floral Elegance features exquisite floral imagery delicately embellished with incredible speciality confetti gold foil throughout. The beautiful imagery of a celebration cake, macaroons, a butterfly, bottle of gin and two glasses, a swan and a flamingo as well as an arrangement of jars and a beautiful bouquet are all enveloped by rich gold foil and textured borders.
All of the Topper Sets also feature gorgeous imagery of gorgeous florals and butterflies! As a Fabulous Finishes collection, we bring you a new Textured Rich Gold Foil, unique to the Floral Elegance Collection and adorned throughout.  With a contemporary confetti themed design incorporated within the foil, this looks absolutely incredible and really is a fabulous finish!

Craft Inspiration

You can create decadent and dramatic card makes using this collection. The borders, frames, setiments are all foiled in an incredible textured gold confetti foil!

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28 May 2021
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