How to Make a Dad Treasure Chest

How to Make a Dad Treasure Chest
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How to Make a Dad Treasure Chest

Create this beautiful Dad Treasure Chest using our Moonstone Dies and Adorable Scorable products.

You Will Need:

How To Make:

  1. Place a 20 x 9 inches sheet of Gold Mirri portrait on a scoreboard and measure ½ inch and 8 ½ inches
  2. Turn the card so it is landscape and score at 4 and 8 inches
  3. On the previous score marks, score at 12 inches. Cut away excess so there are only 3 tabs
  4. Use the largest Arched Window die to cut 2 shapes from Gold Mirri, then, using the one down, cut two more shapes from coloured Adorable Scorable
  5. Stick red liner tape onto the tabs of the chest template and fold up sticking the Arched Window cut out onto each side of the box
  6. Tuck the remainder of the card inside the bottom of the chest so it curves round the side panels
  7. Stick coloured Adorable Scorable to different sides of the chest
  8. Use the smallest Scalloped Edge die to cut a tag from coloured Adorable Scorable and the next die up to make a tag from gold. Stick these together
  9. Cut ‘Dad’ from white card and stick this onto the tag
  10. Put tape on the top part of the tag and stick onto the chest where the curved part goes inside
  11. Cut two 4 x 30cm strips of Gold Mirri and two 3.8 x 30cm strips of brown Adorable Scorable
  12. Stick these to the chest leaving part of the strips without tape
  13. Cut a 2.5cm x 30cm strip from gold and a 2.3 x 30cm strip from brown Adorable Scorable and stick these to the bottom part of the chest
  14. Cut a 5 x 3.5cm square from coloured Adorable Scorable and mat onto gold. Only put red tape onto the bottom and two side parts and stick onto the bottom part of the chest to make a pocket
  15. Place the bottom of the brown strips inside the pocket and stick buttons on
  16. Use the Shiver Me Timber! Stamps to decorate.
11 June 2019