How To Make a Halloween Wreath

How To Make a Halloween Wreath
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How To Make a Halloween Wreath

Find out how you can create your very own Halloween Wreath! 

  • Orange, Black and White Wool
  • Construction Glue
  • 2 Pieces of Grey Board
  • Small plate to draw round
  • Googly Eyes
  • Premier Craft Tools - Bow Maker

  • Draw round a plate or something round onto grey board and cut out. Draw another smaller circle and cut round to create a doughnut shape. Do this twice and stick them together for extra strength
  • Use a bow maker to make 10 orange and 10 white pom poms. Also make 13 black pom poms
  • Stick to the wreath. Stick 3 pieces of black wool to the bottom dangling down then stick small pom poms at the bottom. Stick eyes onto the 3 pom poms
  • Stick black wool to the top of the wreath to make a hanger

23 October 2020