May 2020 Hunkydory Horoscope

May 2020 Hunkydory Horoscope
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May 2020 Hunkydory Horoscope

Your May Hunkydory Horoscope


Hooray it’s May!

The new month has put its hat on as the celestial body adorns us with luminous rays of sunshine – just the pickup we needed.

Summer is well on the way but for now let’s enjoy what Spring has to offer. Times are difficult and somewhat unusual but we are in it together and maybe Mays horoscope holds something special for you!



Its Taurus Season!

Taurus, you must resist the temptation to dwell on negative thoughts and past failings. Keep your friend circle small and full of people who beam with positivity. Reflect on the good in your life and you will see the positive repercussions in your creative projects.


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Keep smiling and spread some joy with...

Sharing is caring.

You’ve taken a back seat when it comes to socialising – now it’s your turn to drive. Show an interest in your friend’s crafty projects. A good chinwag and back and forth advice is the perfect chance to learn and share your own skills and insights. In return karma has your back and you too will receive some useful tips at the exact time when you need it most.  


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Make someones day and send your cards in homemade envelopes...

Fire up the brain box.

Use that noggin of yours and let your imagination roam free. Taking your time to develop wild ideas will result in some failings, yes, but twice as many successes. Using your imagination is a free gift that should be used to explore, exploit and express your creative side – it’s healthy and it’s fun!


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Have a doodle with...

 It’s back to school for you Cancer.

Pop the kettle on and put your feet up. Widening your creative horizons in turn will strengthen your creative potential. Whether it be a book, a blog, a crafting magazine, pick it up and absorb the crafty knowledge and expand your cranium. If you’re feeling bold, share your newfound tips and thoughts on social media.


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Why not have a browse through our...

A surprising surprise!

This month you will find inspiration in strange places. Whilst you are doing the washing up, making the tea or taking the dog for a walk – your usual routine is about to make your day! Sometimes solutions appear when you’re not thinking about the problem.


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Make you cards dazzle like you with...

Don’t throw it away, instead upcycle!

Crafting doesn’t always have to revolve around cards and gifts; you can jazz up household furniture and other personal treasures. A lick of paint, a dust of glitter, utilise your craft stash to repair broken items or restore old pieces. It’s not trash it just needs a little TLC.  


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You can fix anything with glitter...

Your craft designs are feeling a little bit stagnant.

Crafting isn’t supposed to feel relentless it’s meant for pleasure! If your projects aren’t going anywhere leave them be for now – you can always return to them. Channel your inactivity to a completely new activity. Treading through foreign territory can help kick-start your imagination and you will find that you’ll soon be back on a more familiar & creative path.



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Try something new...

A bit of a wobbly.

Emotions are beginning to overwhelm you. You are longing for change but are too bogged down to make a decision. Clear your mind with some relaxing music and chat to your crafty pals. Your lows are only temporary and you will find yourself back to your crazy crafting highs in no time.


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Stamp your troubles away with our...

Social butterfly.

You’ve been missing your friends and that well needed gossip. There’s only one thing for it...

Fire up your laptop or smartphone and plan that virtual craft group meetup! Share your ideas and finished cards and projects and have a giggle catching up with your friends. You may even decide to design a group project.


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They may be blank but not for long...

A new muse.

Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy flicking through a photo album. Inspiration begins when you look at an old photo. It’s the perfect opportunity to remember fond past adventures and use that nostalgia to create personal and beautiful cards that reflect those good times.


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Capture those memories with...

Challenge accepted.

High standards are a part of your DNA. You set them but you need to maintain them throughout all aspects of your life. You love a challenge so this is familiar territory for you. This May you will create perfection with anything you take on. There's no excuse, so get crafting!


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No victory can be won without...

Budding entrepreneur.

What starts out as a weekly telephone catch-up turns into a brilliantly smart plan to make some extra income by finally honing in your crafting talents. Your cards are not only good enough they are amazing! Why not sell your cards in local cafes or online – it’s not only a chance to delight people with your wonderful designs but an opportunity to add to that rainy day fund.


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Keep your cards strictly professional...

8 May 2020