Throwback Week Deals - The Violet Delights Collection!

Throwback Week Deals - The Violet Delights Collection!
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The Craft Show: It's Throwback Week!

This week we are stepping back in time and bringing you a full week of fabulous Throwback deals!

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Crafting is ‘sew’ much fun with our Violet Delights collection. Spread happiness with this range featuring popular florals, a sewing machine, typewriter, jug, chair, teacup, a cupcake box and butterflies, appealing to a wide audience of all ages.The artwork is adorned with stunning silver foil which really stands out against the gorgeous, colourful palette of purples, blues, greens and pinks. This lovely colour mix truly complements and enhances the stunning designs. The touches of specially chosen colours really set the artwork alive and the silver foil sings elegance and luxury. The Violet Delights Collection will make your cards and projects effortlessly sublime.

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11 October 2021
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